Artur – Woodturner



We met Artur in the center of Porto in 6×3 meters workshop with one light bulb, a lot of wood-powder and the feeling we stepped back in time. We heard Artur is the last remaining “roteiro” or wood-turner, he’s on his way to turn 83, and this is his lifetime passion and there’s no need for words, you come to Rua do Conde de Vizela 88 and you see for yourself. Artur’s name was mentioned by Alice who is developing a similar project following craftsmen in Porto.

“In the streets of Porto will find a red door, which can only be semi-open or even closed. Inside Artur Oliveira is often described by others in the wood as the only wood turner to work in the center of the harbour. Is there since age 13, when his father, a central figure in his life and who taught him everything he knows, brought him to Gaia. The Xano says it looks like you live there. Not live, but has lived – when I was little, there was sleeping while his father returned to Gaia to return the next day and resume work. Artur is there for those who need only parts and special works. Works primarily for restoration, replicating pieces that have been damaged, but also produces new parts on request. If it is a job that can be done on your lathe, it does.

He always has time to chat with everyone who goes there, always tells the story of the engineer who came on behalf of any entity that worked in defence craft who suggested to modernise your workshop installing machines that allow you to automate processes and increase production. The answer that he gave the engineer cannot be written here, but it was enough to say that the Artur is still around at the age of his father. Reinforces all the time that their work is of a craftsman who makes himself piece by piece with the experience gained over the decades .

If you’d like to visit, it’s good spend some time to see the work made by hands, compass and gouge, which I guarantee to be a mesmerising and strangely relaxing experience.” Written by Alice Bernardo


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