Fernando – Puppeteer




I believe there’s a beautiful light inside every and each human being we call “life” that, just like water, takes the form of what holds it. I try with my art to catch this light, because my aim is to portrait life, a portrait in which you can observe these characters who stage this unique and constant movement. The word art comes from “artificial”, “Kunst ist etwas künstliches” (art is something artificial), it’s illusion, this is the reason why I love theater, above all, in its own right and form, this is what I want to explore. Theater is absolutely an illusion, and it’s exactly in illusions and dreams that you can draft reality, reality who can also become possible.


Born in 1972 in Lima, Peru, Fernando Pérez Molinari graduated from the Art Faculty of the “Universidad Katholika” with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, focusing on painting. Since his studies, he participated in various exhibitions in Peru since  1997 and trained as an art teacher. During 1996-98 he was co-organizer of the “Bienal de Lima”. He taught as an art teacher and lecturer at several schools and universities and worked as an illustrator in the journalistic field. In addition, he worked with various theater groups in Peru as a set designer and costume designer. In 2002, he began under the name “NOKTILUCA” to make light sculptures. Since 2003, Fernando Pérez Molinari is a freelance artist in Berlin and among other things, he does art and theater projects for primary and special schools.


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